Kit Maywood

Scala Developer



07 Mar 2017

Defining a command for each LaTeX acronym

If you’re writing a long technical document you’ll probably use a lot of acronyms. To keep track of them in...

09 Feb 2017

Customising LaTeX Hyperlinks

The hyperref package allows you add internal and external hyperlinks to your TeX files. It’s very useful for making navigable...

15 Dec 2016

Using the Stanford Parser with the NLTK

This guide will explain how to use the Stanford Natural Language Parser via the Natural Language Toolkit. This allows you...

09 Aug 2016

So I made a Kit Locator

As I’m currently a student I find myself moving between London and Aberdeen several times a year, spending just slightly...

20 Jun 2016

Finally Setup A Website

The day is finally here where the blank WordPress install on has been deleted and a Jekyll site put...


08 Aug 2016

Cock Bridge

There’s legitimately a bridge in Northeast Scotland called Cock Bridge. We were looking for castles to visit on Google Maps...