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A collection of articles, blog posts and other resources I consider interesting, educational or otherwise worth visiting.

I do not necessarily condone any of the views expressed in the links. I found these links through a variety of means so don’t consider a link to as evidence that I regularly browse or support that website.

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Let Links be Links

Kids can’t use computers

“The Door Problem” - What does a game designer do?

The GIF Is Dead. Long Live the GIF.

An explanation of the electronics underlying computers

A simple explanation of Stack Smaching

The power of Vim

Talking About Diversity: Marginalization

Thrift Store Hard Drives

The JVM is not that heavy

How to Write a Git Commit Message

Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria

Technically Female: Women, Machines, and Hyperemployment

Building for Harassment

Falsehoods Programmers Believe about Names

How many of you know deep down that the team is working on something that no customer wants?

Things You Should Never Do

People & Politics

Ur-Fascism by Umberto Eco

Fuck your prayers for Orlando

A Critique of Ally Politics

Cultural appropriation is a toxic concept

So You Think You Should Respond to That Facebook Post About Race/Gender/Etc

All this Fake News

I Love the Angry People

Babybopp on the court system in Georgia

How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life

Personal Experiences

Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History of Violence [cw: abuse, violence]

Adventures in Depression

A matter of laugh or death [cw: suicide]

Friendships & Communities

xkcd: Friends

Five Geek Social Falacies

The missing stair

Evaporative Cooling of Group Beliefs

On a Technicality

On queer aesthetics and not feeling ‘queer enough’

On the Design of Women’s Spaces

What You’re Doing When You Take Labels Away

“Queer” as in…what, exactly?

Sex & Relationships

Sketchcomic - Types of Attraction

The Geek Social Fallacies of Sex

Risky Date [cw: rape]

Why I didn’t just call the cops [cw: rape, abuse]

Seducing and Love Bombing [cw: abuse]

I Grew Up in a Polyamorous Household

If You Can See The Invisible Elephant, Please Describe It

Sex Toys Will Never Be Able To Do The Hardest Work For You

A theory on Nice Guys

Differences between marriage and a wedding


On looking up a mountain

Stolen Children: the parallels between faeries and The Autism

Applause Lights

The illustrated guide to a Ph.D.

Mysterious Answers to Mysterious Questions

Truly Part Of You

Technical Writing Checklist

How Wolves Change Rivers

Rail Crash


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